Past Orations

Ananda College Old Boys’ Association

Past Orations

2020 – Dr. Anil Jasinghe (Sri Lanka’s retaliation to a global pandemic – COVID 19 ; Strategic Perspective)

2019 – Mr. Maithri Panagoda AM (Achieving Social Justice through the Rule of Law)

2018 – Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake (Need for Attitude Change)

2017 – Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe (Evolution of Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy)

2016 – Prof. Rohan Attele (Unreasonable Success of Mathematics and Role of IT in driving national

2015 – Mr. Yuvanjana J. W. Wijayatilake (Evolution of the justice system since arrival of colonel Henry S. Olcott to the present)

2014 – Mr. Sanjiva Senanayake (The Ideal of Ananda)

2013 – Dr. Sunil Wimalawansa (Water Pollution-Associated ill Health: Special Emphasis on Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka)

2012 – Mr. Deepal Sooriyaarachchi (A new paradigm in Buddhist Education)

2011 – Prof. Chandana Wirasinghe (Role of the Individual in National Development – Ananda Can Show the Way)

2010 – Mr. Rivinatha Ariyasinghe (Moderating competing narratives: the challenge of recasting Sri Lanka’s image abroad)

2009 – Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa (Future Challenges Facing Sri Lanka: Security, Reconciliation and Development)

2008 – Prof. Ravindra Fernando (Poisoning: A modern epidemic in Sri Lanka)

2007 – Prof. Buddhi Marambe (The Future of Sri Lanka in an Agriculture Perspective)

2006 – Mr. Gomin Dayasri (Peace Process: National and International Perspectives)

2005 – Prof. Nimal Rajapakse (New frontiers of engineering)

2004 – Mr. Deva Rodrigo (Col. Olcott recognized our educational needs)

2003 – Prof. L. S. Rohana Wijewardhana (Experiences of a Sri Lankan Educator in North America)

2002 – Mr. Chandra Jayaratne (A vision for Sri Lanka 2020-an Anandian Perspective founders day oration of Ananda College Colombo)

2001 – Prof. Sudarshana Senevirathne (Management of Knowledge in information in a multi-cultural society: Redefining Education for the next generation)