Old Anandians’ 2000 Group

The history of Ananda College Old Boys’ Association

Old Anandians’ 2000 Group

Old Anandians 2000 Group was established in 2010 and currently carries a life membership of 150, representing diverse professionals. Group consists of the Old Anandians those who had completed their school education in 2000. Being a newly formed Affiliated Group of ACOBA, the Old Anandians 2000 Group has already commenced contributing to school

activities and ACOBA activities.

Position Name Contact No E mail
President Shashika Kumarasinghe 715339525 sekara6520@gmail.com
Joint Scretary Indika Deshapriya 773365373 indikadeshappriya@gmail.com
Joint Secretary Thilina Weerawansa 777333147 thilina.weerawansha@gmail.com
Treasurer Thusara Rasika Kumara 773354345 email.thushharaj@gmail.com
Deputy President Nimantha Arabegedaraa 777602305 animantha@gmail.com
Vice President Dehemi Weerarathna 772093993 dehemiparinda@gmail.com
Assistant Secretary Eranda Karunasiri 773680420 ekarunasiri@gmail.com
Vice Treasurer Dimuth de Silva 773614576 silvadedimuth@gmail.com
Co-organizer Bagya Udawatta 773811121 bagya_udawatte@yahoo.com
Co-organizer Dhananjaya Herath 773667109 dherath@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Mahesh Rathnayaka 777675311 maheshwa@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Nilupa Kiringoda 773832350 nilipa.kiringoda@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Sidath Perera 777730422 sidathperera@yahoo.com
Executive committee Member Bhanu Disanayake 773434666 usbhanu@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Sewmini Kuruppu 772099249 kasrandika@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Hasitha Salwathura 777287077 hasitha@expack.lk
Executive committee Member Jeevantha Jayarathna 777339267 jeevantha.jayarathna@yahoo.com
Executive committee Member Eranga Ranatunga 777775711 erangasudesh@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Sahan Peiris 773847905 sahanpeiris@gmail.com
Executive committee Member Suranjith Rupasinghe 777530620 hasantharupasinghe@yahoo.com
Upcoming Events
  1. Big Match

    March 7 - March 8
  2. One Day Match

    March 15
  3. Trailblazer

    March 21