Ananda College Old Boys’ Association

The IT, Mass Media & Communication-Sub Committee of the ACOBA has enhanced the internal member management system as a web based Member Management Portal, called Old Anandians’ Network (OAN). It is a platform that enables all Old Anandians to actively interact with one another including the members of all other Affiliated Groups irrespective of being a member of the ACOBA or not.

The Affiliated Groups will be able to manage their member information more efficiently and enable the members to update their information in a convenient and user friendly manner, through this new web portal, OAN.

Each and every Old Anandian can access the newly formed Old Anandians’ Network (OAN) and create their own profile by entering a unique user ID and it will allow them to update their contact details and profile, without any hindrance. From 24th March 2018 onwards, all Old Anandians can create their own profile by getting registered in the Old Anandians’ Network (OAN).

ACOBA registered members will receive a link to their personal emails (the link will be sent to the email address registered in the system) stating instructions how to access their own profile. If the email address has not been updated in the system or invalid, please get them updated by emailing ACOBA Office via manager@anandacollegeoba.org

To make this operation more attractive and effective, Old Anandians could upload their Photographs taken while in School and/or current Photographs when updating the profile. It will make easier for school mates to recognize the fellow Anandians.

With the new web portal, all Affiliated Groups will be able to manage information of their members, more efficiently and in a user friendly manner. All Affiliated Groups must appoint their own Moderators who are with IT Literacy to update details of their member profiles and approve the member request to tag them under respective affiliated groups. Moderators of affiliated groups must play a responsible role to make sure they approve the incoming requests post validation.

  1. Kindly download the ACOBA Membership Application Form.
  2. After having filled the Form, please get it witnessed by two existing members of the ACOBA on the second page of the Form.
  3. It is mandatory to submit a scanned copy of the School Leaving certificate issued by the school, along with the duly filled Application Form.
  4. All these documents i.e. the duly filled Application Form signed by the applicant, a copy of the School Leaving Certificate could be either scanned & emailed to acoba@sltnet.lk or handed over to ACOBA Office at Ananda College, Colombo 01000, Sri Lanka.
  5. The applicable fee as mentioned on the second page of the Form could be either deposited to Ananda College OBA Account Number 371387 at Bank of Ceylon, Maradana Branch or paid to ACOBA Office & obtain a receipt.
  6. In the event, the membership fee is paid to the bank, please be kind enough to email a scanned copy of the deposit slip / paid advice to acoba@sltnet.lk along with the Application Form and other documents. The name of the applicant must be clearly mentioned on the deposit slip / paid advice for easy reference.
  7. For inquiries, please call the ACOBA Office on 0112 698 551 or email acoba@sltnet.lk.