Ananda College

About Ananda Collage

About Ananda College

A need of the era during the British colonial period, an English education for the children of majority Buddhists of the country became a reality, when on 1st November, 1886, a daily English school was opened at No: 61, in Maliban Street, Pettah, pioneered by Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thero and inspired by Col. Henry Steele Olcott, the founder of Buddhist Theosophical Society (popularly known as BTS). Starting with a mere student population of 37, it was soon re-located at Paranavadiya in Maradana, where it blossomed into the present day pristine glory. Re-named “Ananda College “, after Buddha’s chief disciple Arahant Ananda, it earned a reputation as island’s Premier Buddhist Educational Institution for boys. Ananda College along with many fee-levying Private Schools, came under government’s control in 1961.

Nevertheless, it went from strength to strength offering Primary and Secondary education under Government curriculum. Its glamour as the main centre of attraction for those Buddhists seeking best education in a school which rose to Nations security when sovereignty of the State was at stake, Ananda is proud of having produced almost all Socialist Leaders of the pre-independence era. Incidentally, ‘PARANAVADIYA’ is the point where brave Sinhala forces loyal to the Monarch ganged – up against invasive Portuguese forces.

At present, Ananda College stands in a domain of 15.5 acres in Maradana, with several imposing buildings that house classrooms, laboratories, libraries, hostels etc. and a majestic Viharage (image-house) adoring the frontage. It is the second home to more than 8000 students across the Nation and holds state of the art facilities for sports activities and co-curricular activities.

The College flag and crest, which are designed in gold and maroon, represent the core values of Sri Lankan culture and Buddhist teachings. The College motto, which is in Pali – ‘Appamādō Amathapadan’, a Buddhist quote from the ‘Apramadha Vagga’ in the Dhammapada; means – heedfulness and punctuality leads to emancipation.

Since its inception, Ananada College has produced many eminent alumni, who contributed immensely to Sri Lanka. Such alumni continue to thrive in various disciplines such as religion, politics, Diplomacy, Military, Academic, Corporate, Sports, Judiciary, Medicine, Engineering, Media and Arts.

School Anthem

Dina dina kitu gosa boovii – Vajambenu ananda pa maataa
Sudilii – Jayavii – Lovehii
Saadaa diilaa sipsata haa – Kala da vinea da pahadaa
Editara Sinhala daru kela sadalaa
Dina dina kitu gosa boovii – Vajambenu ananda pa maataa
Lakehii bo anandee paturaa
Anada terun se lo vada salasaa
Peavii seave nisaa veseavaa
Pamaada novemuu tiloona desusee
Dina dina kitu gosa bovii – Vajambenu ananda pa maataa

School Song

Anandai anandai anande ada anandai
Samma sambudu sugatha thatgatha sambudu pilimaya abiyasadee
Kelesun Duruwee Athyugalesadee
Anandai anandai anande ada anandai
Silgath thani sudu nelum kusum lesa, pehedi, pibidi pirisindu wee Munidun namadimu ath yuga hisadee
Anandai Anandai Anande ada anandai

The Theme Song of 125th Year Celebrations

Anadatha Paana …… Nopama Nipuno
Kumaratha Maana …. Gajathaa Piruno //

Bana Dam Danagena Haduno….. Vidu Nana Yaha Guna Piruno
Keli Lowa Dinawana Hapano

Rana Jaya Bima …. Rana Jaya Bima Maha Muduno
Pasu Man Nobasina Aththu …. Pera Man Hobavana Puththu
Anande Puththu….Api Ananda Puththu

Vedi Vassata Salen naa …. Adi Passata Haren naa
Anadatha Paana……. Nopama Nipuno
Kumaratha Maana….Gajathaa Piruno

Kala vile Siyapath Vu …… Nile Bale Aga Path vu
Elo Melo Suwa Path Vu ……
Anagathe …. Anagathe Pahapath Vu
Anuhas Athi Puthanuvo … Kothanath Raja Karanavo
Anande Puththu …. Api Ananda Puththu

Uruma Raki Pera Dine ….. Diyunu Lowe Peramune
Anadatha Paana …… Nopama Nipuno
Kumaratha Maana …. Gajathaa Piruno

Viharaye Ran Budu Ras …… Senahase Ran Kulu Ras
Eda Aadi Ran Kathu Ras Ape Kaale …… Ape Kaale Ran Sisu Ras
Vijathi Bala Theda Sindu ….. Lowema Hela Nama Randu
Anande Puththu …. Api Ananda Puththu

Eka Wage Nageawi ….. Anada Sarana Labaavi
Anadatha Paana …… Nopama Nipuno
Kumaratha Maana …. Gajathaa Piruno

Medals and Trophies

Fritz Kunz Memorial Trophy – This is the school’s most prestigious life time achievement award given to the “Most Outstanding Anandian” passing out from the school each year.

Most Outstanding Sportsman (MOS)

Ananda Padma – Presented for outstanding achievement in sports as a student

Ananda Pradeepa – Presented for outstanding academic achievements at GCE (A/L)


The students are divided among four houses. The houses are named after four ancient Sinhala kings of Sri Lanka.

House Colour – Red

House Colour – Dark Green

House Colour – Dark Purple

House Colour- Navy Blue

Upcoming Events
  1. Big Match

    March 7 - March 8
  2. One Day Match

    March 15
  3. Trailblazer

    March 21