Rakitha Abeygunawardhana, a remarkable Anandian on air!

Rakitha Abeygunawardhana, a remarkable Anandian on air!

A remarkable Anandian, Mr. Rakitha Abeygunawardhana featured on “The Buddhist” channel on 14th June 2021.

Former TV Presenter and a Producer at the Independent Television Network (ITN), Mr. Abeygunawardhana is an Attorney at Law and is currently serving as the Director – Legal and Administration at Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lakehouse Limited). He is a media veteran with over 17 years of experience. He also serves in the Management Council Member of the University of Kelaniya.

This remarkable Anandian, in this program, explained how the management of Lakehouse faced the pandemic situation where newspaper distribution was completely impossible and how they quickly adjusted to the new normal to ensure the continuity of the organization.

The inspiring program teaches the young generations how change management and alignment of strategies to uncontrollable external factors help survival and growth amidst any challenging situation.

Mr. Abeygunawardhana obtained his B.Com. (Sp) Economics from the University of Kelaniya and MA Political Science from the University of Colombo.