Speedy Mission of Old Anandians’ 98 Group relieves Gampaha District General Hospital

Speedy Mission of Old Anandians’ 98 Group relieves Gampaha District General Hospital

The service of health warriors at the Gampaha District General Hospital plays an important role as Gampaha was identified as one of the high Covid-19 impacted areas and the District General Hospital is the main medical facility in the area.

Old Anandians’ 98 Group acted upon an urgent request received from Gampaha District General Hospital for medical equipment, with the establishment of new wards to handle the uprising COVID-19 situation. This need was triggered by the overwhelming demand for medical care required to treat the large number of Covid patients brought to the hospital from throughout the country.

Considering the urgency and the criticality of the project, a project team was established, funds were collected, items were identified, medical suppliers were coordinated and the equipment were delivered to the hospital within a matter of 36 hours. With the given social distancing and lockdown situation, all the work was done remotely and no physical contacts were made. All logistics were coordinated and managed remotely including the handover of items, which took place on 25th of May 2021. Among the donated items were essential medical equipment and items such as Laryngoscopes, CPAP Masks, Neonatal Oxygen nasal prongs and Non rebreathing masks.

“On behalf of the entire 98 Group, I would like to thank all to the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and our forces in Sri Lanka – you are true heroes, and we salute you for putting your lives on the line to treat the vulnerable without any expectations” stated Mr. Thilina Randeniya, President of Old Anandians’ 98 Group.